Now is the time to connect—to share resources, inspiration, and educate one
another. Whether we’re meeting online or safely in person, we want to co-create
meaningful and useful resources to build community. We join the anti-racist
movement that understands All Black Lives Matter.

The space will blossom as our membership grows. Free membership is
available, as well as sliding scale options. Online resources will be managed by
members of Mukunda Studio, curated by our staff.

We’re honored to be of service to our local and global community. If you’d like to
get involved, please add your name to our MAILING LIST.

Why CommunityResources

Discover your interests and make connections. Be part of a movement for
change but don’t do it alone. We’re definitely stronger together. That’s our
why—let us know yours by joining Community Resources.

Our vision is to empower positive change-makers and those who value sustained
well-being through the power of community-building and yoga.

We have various ways to get involved. Whether you become a member or prefer
the Paths of Inquiry, we’re excited to gather and share sacred conversations and
inspire conscious activation.

  • Social

    Work with social media and community for good vibes. Stay tuned in.

  • Creative

    Use your right brain to become an advocate for justice, truth and peace.

  • Paths of

    Explore and open your spiritual inquiries and connect the dots to your path.

  • Resource Bank

    Discover and share resources with your community near and far.