Our diverse team of art directors, photographers, and film and video artists can help craft and produce a thoughtful well-being message that’s right for your audience. 

The Mukunda Studio Production Team has over 120 years of combined experience working in the corporate, private sector, and non-profit worlds. Our team is here to collaborate with you and help you every step of the way, from concept to final product.

We’re excited to help you grow your business. Need to record in a clean, open space? Check out our Studio Rental.

Why VideoServices?

Capturing the look and feel of your yoga class or nutrition program takes the right combination of elements. If you don’t want to add another thing to your plate, bring us on board!

Last year many of us shared our messages, trainings, classes, and lectures via live-stream or pre-recorded content. The health and wellness industry was already booming online, however this became the only way many of us could survive. Utilizing film and video to help market your business has proven to be a smart tool that reaches people fast.

If you’ve been creating wellness content from home but are ready to produce in a professional space without  distractions, we’d love to share our studio with you. We follow  San Francisco’s health guidelines and will always keep you safe and informed. Because we know everyone comes in at a different point, we offer options:

  • Consultation



    • Initial questions or building your team?
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  • Starter Path

    Starting at


    • New to recording or need basic support?
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  • Next Level

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    • Steady with your skills but time to upgrade?
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  • Professional

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    • Skills are there and time for professional support?
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Free Video Service Consultation

Let's start with a conversation: Seeking an art director or general consultation? Need equipment support or extra hands on deck? Not sure where to start or what you need? MYC will help you create a plan. Schedule a consult today. Call 415.802.9303 or email:

Starter Path - $95/H

For those just beginning or have been working at home on zoom without the bells and whistles and would like support getting a better handle on their production, our team can design an economical approach and keep you going.

Next Level - $185/H

For those who have been working regularly to live-stream or record for on-demand content, the Mukunda Studio Production Team can assemble a plan for you to get to the next level.

Professional - $325/H

For those who are looking for higher quality content and require professional level recording, we can meet you there or help increase your production level to match the quality you’re seeking. We will share with you what we can do and how we can increase the value of your content.


Peter McEvilley

Film & Video Producer

Eliza Chu

Well-being Operator

Ephraim Colbert

Video Producer

Felicia Mogavero

Art director

Dražen Grujić

Photo & Video Producer

Fakhra Shah

Writer & Activator

Stephen Quinones

Art Director

Mia Velez

Writer & Activator