Yoga andWell-being

Our dedicated team is here to help you discover, build, and sustain tools for your well-being. We offer all levels of hatha yoga, qigong, nutritional counseling, and other relatable practices. Whether one-on-one through Zoom, an office yoga class, or an on-demand workshop, we offer activities that are intentional, practical, and easeful.

Discovering, building, and sustaining tools for your well-being are important. Do we choose activities that are intentional and practical or ones that create more stress and distraction?

Why Yoga andWell-being?

Our well-being is our birthright. At Mukunda Studio, we recognize that the ancient teachings of yoga and other Indigenous practices have a vital role in offering wisdom to our modern-day experiences.  

Many of the ancient movement practices are more than physical exercise—they provide a total path toward health and overall well-being. Our goal is to provide our clients with an integrative and personalized approach that allows everyone to access their best potential because we believe we’re all meant to thrive.

With solid, time-proven practices and clear points of reference, together we can co-create a world that is inclusive, humanitarian, and socially conscious. Living is spirit.

  • Group Classes

    Weekly schedule of public classes and workshops.

  • Private Sessions

    Learn the benefits of one-on-one sessions.

  • Office Yoga

    Establish a wellness program for your team.

  • Personal Coaching

    Learn the benefits for nutrition and wellness coaching.

Live Streaming Teachers

Kayko Watanabe

Gentle Yoga
Restorative Yoga

Mukunda Marc Morozumi

Hatha Flow
Hatha Deep Dive
Hatha Foundations

Brett "Fox" Ray

Essential Qigong